10″ The Screamin’ Targets

Nice new 10 inch from Marco, the first venture away from 7 inch format.

more info here: www.ghosthighwayrecordings.com

Plastic Sleeves with Glue Strip

Hi due to the high demand for these sleeves which you can manipulate when they arrive please find a photo below:

Newsletter September 2011

Hi All

I would like to introduce you to the Blog at Record Industry Spain for those who have not seen it yet. You will be able to find news items and some new special products I have been working on. I will uploaded projects on a regular basis so please check it to find out whats going on.

If you need some any help to get the project you really want please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss your ideas and we can find the best way to complete you ideas to the final vinyl.

I would also like to thank all my clients for a great year and showing the world that vinyl is just getting stronger again with worldwide sales increasing 14% in 2010.



Purple Vinyl Now At Record Industry

Finally, the long awaited and most requested colour of all has arrived, solid purple! Attached to this mail a glimps of it, on our website we have placed more pictures of coloured vinyl. They’re examples of mixed colours to inspire you if you would like to try another colour. We can’t guarantee the exact same outcome as in the pictures, but if you refer to it when placing your order, we can use it as a reference.



Venue Connection New LP

Please find photos of the new album from Venue Connection called “Hide & Seek”, it was a pleasure to work with Javier Del Aguila on this. Visit their web: www.venuesite.com and you can have a listen by clicking here MUSIC


Reverse side project with a light grey Conti-board with one colour printing and 180 grams vinyl.

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