Los Punsetes (Solid Purple Vinyl)

New vinyl from Los Punsetes on Soild Purple vinyl for more info: lospunsetes.com/

New Download Sticker standard

Hi All

Some people think that we do not listen but we really like to get feedback from customers. One day a very special man came to me and asked why do we not have standard download stickers at a good price. That was a couple of months ago. please find the new standard download sticker for your download cards below. 0,04 € per unit no min + stickering (45mm round).



Los Mambo Jambo (Solid Orange Vinyl)

Not a colour we use much but really looks nice here on the new Los Mambo Jambo album for more info check: Los Mambo Jumbo


Prisma En Llamas 12 inch 45RPM

Nice work from this nice collective in 

PINK 7 INCH 7ietepulgadas Records

Limited edition 7 inch solid pink for more info: http://7ietepulgadas.bandcamp.com/


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