Las Lava lamps

El Volcan Musica new 7 inch with special plastic sleeve with glue strip for a 7 inch disco sleeve.

Fred I Son

New release from Sones in Barcelona for more info click HERE

The Parkinsons “Back to Life”

Nice new project from Portugal for more info click HERE


New Prices

A partir del 1 de septiembre, aparte del incremento del IVA, Record Industry incrementará el precio de algunos productos después de 5 años. Por favor, pregúntanos por tu presupuesto y ten esto en cuenta cuando nos envíes una orden de pedido.

Please note that from the 1st of September apart from the increase in VAT, Record Industry has had to increase some costs for the first time in 5 years. Please ask for budgets and have this in mind when you are placing new orders.


Photographer Eilon Paz started his website Dust & Grooves four years ago. An avid collector himself he travelled the globe to find similar minds (King Britt and Rich Medina among them), rooting through dusty home archives and collecting stories along the way. Those who love vinyl tend to LOVE vinyl, so this is the kind of super-geek passion project that truly digs deep. Eilon is now looking to turn his excellent website into a book with the help of the increasingly popular Kickstarter and a generous public. He’ll travel across America to bring some new stories to print “exalting vinyl records, the people who love them and the musical heritage they carry.” Just 8 days left to get involved, head over herefor more.

Source: Fast Co.

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