Download Code Service

Record Industry offers a digital download card service. We can offer you two services:
– A custom printed card including redemption URL and unique download code
– A unique download code only which can be printed on a card for which you supply your own
On the custom printed card we print artist – title – catalogue number info as well as your website address and e-mail address

Card Download

The custom printed card costs € 0.20 per card with a minimum of 220 copies. This includes:
– Custom printed card including redemption URL and unique download code
– Printed in 1/0 black on 140 grams uncoated stock (business card size)
– PDF for approval
– The use of Record Industry’s redemption webpage or host your page with supplied HTML
– Secure file hosting up to 250MB
Generating unique downloadcodes without the custom printed card costs € 0.15 per code with a
minimum of 220. Printing a card from supplied artwork including printing the unique download codes
on it costs € 0.195 at 550 copies and € 0.11 for 1050 copies and up (printed in 1/0 black on 190 grams
uncoated stock, max size 12 x 12)
Inserting a downloadcard into your vinyl packaging costs € 0.04 per card
A standard sticker with the text ‘free download inlcuded’ (1/0 black 45 mm round) costs € 0.04
excluding stickering but a sticker printed after your own design is ofcourse also possible.

Sticker download

Audio needs to be supplied as Mp3 with a maximum of 250MB in total. We can also generate Mp3
files for you from the audiomaster, after mastering for vinyl, at an extra charge of € 10 per release.

Strand & The Banksters estrenan vídeo

De Strand seguro que has oído hablar. Entre otras cosas porque allá por el mes de octubre firmó uno de nuestros PlayGround Mixes. Pero y The Banksters, ¿quiénes son The Banksters? Pues ni más ni menos que Mario Zamora de Lüger y Javier Díez Ena de Dead Capo y Ginferno. Juntos se encerraron el año pasado en los estudios Red Bull en Madrid y de allí salieron dos temas que Lovemonk editó en formato de 7” en diciembre. Ahora el sello nos presenta el videoclip que han hecho para la cara B de ese single, “Intervención / Rescate”, tirando de imágenes grabadas en la fabrica holandesa en la que Lovemonk fabrica sus discos. Estética de vídeo promocional de empresa con calores de producción lo-fi a mayor gloria del vinilo.

Guadalupe Plata Vinyl

Very nice project with 1 Pantone on black paper, sounds and looks great:


Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza “Piping Hot”

Nice release with insert:



A number of different editions so look out for them, this is the Solid Orange and Black mix.

colour mix

Downbeat Limited Edition, Sand Blast Vinyl

New Downbeat limited edition sand blast vinyl image.


CD DigiPacks

Some examples of works, reverse side with matt seal varnish, UV Spot Varnish etc.


CD Books

Some of the examples or works in a Book Format, for more info get in contact.

CD Books


New Double album of great Spanish Hip Hop, search and find limited edition.

Plan b

Torreznetes Entertainment

Various Vinyl projects to look out for, check out the web:



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