Some Henry Rollins Quotes in Passion For Vinyl

Passion For Vinyl

Passion for vinyl is a tribute to vinyl with a second volume currently in the works, I will use my blog to highlight for of the real vinyl lovers and add a few answers from interviews. The book featured a diverse selection of people ranging from DJ´s, musicians, label owners, designers, records dealers, collectors, and engineers: link

Pasión por el vinilo es un homenaje al vinilo, voy a utilizar mi blog para destacar para los amantes del vinilo con algunas respuestaa a las preguntas en la entrevista para el libro. El libro ofreció una diversa selección de personas que van desde DJ’s, músicos, propietarios de etiquetas, diseñadores, distribuidores de discos, coleccionistas e ingenieros.

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins stormed the world as the singer of hardcore band Black Flag. He continued his music career with his own Henry Rollins Band. In recent years he is selling out theaters with his spoken word performances. He is also an actor, writer, publisher, journalist,activist and radio host. Whatever he does, he does it with total dedication. It’s with this same passion he collects records. He often shares his love for vinyl in his column in the LA Weekly, encouraging his readers to get into the grooves as well. ‘So, before your ears are too far gone, show them you love them and get a turntable plugged into your system immediately. Get some good records and get down with it!’

Henry Rollins

Were you tempted to abandon vinyl when the CD was introduced?

“I bought a lot of CDs. They sounded good to me at first, then they didn’t. I sold some records when CDs came out, mainly to pay rent and consolidate space. I bought replacements later.’

Is there any particular rare or special album you are very proud to own?

‘I have quite a few “rare” records as well but I don’t take pride in any of it, I am just interested in the record. Perhaps the first record I would run out of the house with if the place was burning down is not the rarest record I have, per se. It is the second pressing of a friend’s band’s record but it was his mother’s copy and he gave it to me as a gift, so that one’s very important to me.’