Thanks Gracias Obrigado Vinyl Lovers

Thanks Gracias Obrigado Vinyl Lovers

I would like to thank all the clients in Spain and Portugal for making this a great vinyl year. Releases have reached customers on time for release dates with the planning department. We have had customers from all genres with very unique productions. We will continue to keep lead times as relalistic as possible and most importantly give you dates that we plan to keep if all goes well. I am very happy that everybody is planning release dates with close supervision with the planning department to meet expectations.

Great music has been released and look forward to working with you all in 2018.

Me gustaría agradecer a todos los clientes de España y Portugal por hacer un gran año con los discos llegados en las fechas pactadas.Tenemos clientes de todos los géneros con producciones muy únicas.Continuaremos manteniendo los tiempos de fabricación lo más realista posible y lo mas importe, respetando las fechas de salida si todo va bien.Estoy muy contento de que todo el mundo este planeando las fechas de salida con supervisión de nuestro departamento de planificación.

Felicidades a todos por la música y nos vemos en el 2018.

Thank You, Walter: A Night of Steely Dan worship with JP at Spiritland.

What better way to start the new year with 4 hours of music related to Steely Dan. Original material, beats, breaks and some great little interview snippets from Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. This show gives you a insight to the importance of this band and a renewed appreciation of what music is all about.

Spain Diggin’ ELOY GALA

Thanks once again for this video from Spain Diggin, you can see more from this channel here: link

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