49th Mega Record & CD Fair Jaarbeurs Utrecht April 14th & 15th 2018

49th edition Mega Record & CD Fair | April 14 & 15, 2018 | Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands

Vinyl Fever at the 49th Mega Record & CD Fair, the Netherlands
Jaarbeurs Utrecht, hunting ground of music lovers

On Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of April the 49th Mega Record & CD Fair will take place at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands. This biannual show – as always held in conjunction with the International Collectors Fair – is renowned as the greatest record fair in the world by DJs, experts, collectors and fans of pop music. Over 500 exhibitors from all over the globe will display the collected history of pop music from the past sixty years in the shape of singles, albums, 12-inches, CDs and DVDs. As usual the programme includes live performances, signing sessions and guest deejays. This edition of the fair will highlight in particular the history of Disco.

45 years of Disco Fever 1973-2018

The exhibit: 45 years of Disco Fever is curated by Patrick Lejeune and consists mostly items from his own collection. Lejeune who is better known as DiscoPatrick has been collecting since 1978. In collaboration with Patrick Vogt he published two books. The most recent one, Disco – An Encyclopaedic Guide to the Cover Art of Disco Records, was published in 2014 by SOULJAZZ in London, and is the standard book on the subject. The exhibit has been built up with the use of a timeline that starts with the birth of disco in 1973, the beginnings of the DJ-culture, the creation of the remix, the birth of the 12-inch, and the debut of the synthesizer. Read More

Vinyl is hot!

The main attraction of the fair remains the gigantic assortment of records on offer. Partly thanks to young people‘s enthusiasm for deejaying, vinyl is hot again. There is no fun without vinyl – in pubs, at parties, at home and all kinds of gatherings playing records is a must. The crucial accessory at the last couple of Mega Fairs was the portable record player to listen to vinyl on site before buying.

Special guests

Shandon Sahm, long time drummer of USA Indieband the Meatpuppets and son of the legendary Texan musician Doug Sahm (Sir Douglas Quintet, Texas Tornadoes) will perform famous songs written by his dad on Saturday. He will also sell some unique black and white images from his father’s heritage and autograph these albums he performed on:

  • Rocky Erickson tribute: Pyramid Meets the Eye
  • Gibby Haynes and His Problem
  • Sir Douglas Quintet: Day Dreaming at Midnight
  • Meat Puppets: Rat Farm, Lollipop,Classic, Puppets, Rykodisc, Golden Lies and Live at Maxwells

At the launching of Passion for Vinyl Pt 2 written by Robert Haagsma and published by Record Industry Haarlem the following guests are available for autographs on Saturday:

  • Donal Gallagher (brother and former manager of Rory Gallagher)
  • Mark Kneppers (Kraak & Smaak en 33/45)
  • Robert Haagsma (music journalist)
  • Tim Knol (the Myseries ao)
  • Yorick van Norden (The Hype)

Source: http://www.recordplanet.nl/en/platenbeurs.html