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Los cuatro lanzamientos de Beastie Boys en cuestión son ‘Paul’s Boutique’ (editado en 1989), ‘Ill Communication’ (1994), el EP ‘Root Down’ (1995) y ‘To The 5 Boroughs’(2004), tres de los cuales son celebran aniversarios de lanzamiento significativos este año. El primero cumple 30 años, el segundo 25 años y el cuarto 15.

Todos saldrán a la venta el 4 de octubre en vinilo de color translúcido de 180 gramos.

Además de los vinilos de edición limitada, también se pueden comprar nuevos productos de Beastie Boys vinculados a cada lanzamiento.

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 12.38.00.png

Los discos se pueden comprar por separado o en un pack con camiseta por 55.99 dólares, 49.99 el EP con t-shirt.

World of Echoes: François K // 20-08-19

A great show by the master.

James Lavelle Living In My Headphones (07/08/2019)

Another great show by James Lavelle.


Really excited about this new development at Record Industry. New UV printed one sided vinyl. It really looks fanatic on white and transparent vinyl.




As the popularity of download codes is not what it used to be and the percentage of redeemed codes by consumers went down to a percentage of around 10% on average, Record Industry has decided to stop offering this service. If you want to include a DL card anyway, please check .

We accept printed cards with a minimum size of 85 x 50 mm on 140 grams paper (or heavier quality paper) without extra administration costs or cards in pdf format (so we take care of printing). One of the advantages of Procards is, they support higher quality audio (so WAV instead of MP3) for those who are after this, besides that their system allows you to obtain information about redeemed codes direct from the Procards database.




Nice coverage about one of our customers, the Vinyl-Only label Run Out Groove
Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 10.55.55.png

Formed in 2017, Run Out Groove is a vinyl-only and fan-engaged music label. Each month music lovers vote to decide which title will become the next limited edition one-time pressing. An imprint of Warner Music Group, Run Out Groove has access to recordings going back several decades—in other words, a treasure trove of music. As a result, the label is free to wander far and wide stylistically, with genres as diverse as garage/punk (MC5, The Stooges), alternative rock (Morphine, Luna), folk (Judee Sill), soul (Betty LaVette, Solomon Burke), and jazz (Bill Frisell).

Along with reissuing record albums, ROG also includes, as the second disc of some 2-LP sets, rare, out of print, or previously unreleased recordings connected to the original album. Examples include expanded editions of Delaney & Bonnie’s Motel Shot and Baby Huey’s The Baby Huey Story. On a slightly different note, Professor Bizarre’s Funknology is split between choice cuts from Dr. John’s Atco LPs and some previously unreleased studio outtakes.


Run Out Groove also releases albums previously only available on compact disc, including Ministry’s Greatest Fitsand Bill Frisell’s Nashville. And it has taken on projects like Juliana Hatfield’s Only Everything, which in vinyl form was previously limited to a rare and out-of-print import. Most ROG long-players are double albums, and because CDs usually run longer than most two-sided LPs, the four sides the label devotes to releases that were previously CD-only help eliminate groove compression. Also, some releases consist entirely of previously unreleased material, examples being Morphine’s Live at the Warfield 1997 as well as a Judee Sill LP containing demos, alternate takes, outtakes, and live recordings.

Having established that Run Out Groove has the goods musically, we should also note that the label quickly established itself as a record company that combines a passion for music with high production standards. Where some labels feel impersonal, ROG establishes a strong connection with music lovers and consults with the musicians who performed on the albums. It also places an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, and the stack of ROG releases I sampled for this article impressed me visually, sonically, and artistically. A veteran cratedigger, ROG’s director of content development, Matt Block, long ago developed an appreciation for the high production standards we associate with classic early LP labels, and he recently explained how that worked its way into ROG’s modus operandi.

“Attention to detail and quality seem to have taken a back seat to convenience and disposability,” he emailed, “so it was important to me that Run Out Groove differentiated itself by focusing on quality, detail, and creating records that collectors desired and could become cornerstones in their collections.”

Among other things, that involves taking the right steps to ensure that the sound is as good as possible.

“What I’ve learned in a short period of time is that the two most important factors in a record sounding good is quality of the source and the mastering,” Block said. “We strive to use the best possible source available to us for every title we do regardless of analog or digital.

“Luckily I found two mastering experts in Pete Weiss at Verdant Studios and Jeff Powell at Sam Phillips Recording Studio. Pete does the pre-mastering and Jeff cuts the lacquers on his lathe that was used to do Big Star records at Ardent Studios.

It was essential that ROG find a reputable pressing plant: “All of our raw vinyl has been produced at Record Industry in the Netherlands. They have great QC, always bring issues to my attention before something becomes a big problem and their turn times have been excellent.”

The packaging for ROG also stands out, and here again ROG found inspiration in classic labels from the early days of vinyl.

“Another important piece of the puzzle is the quality of the materials we use,” Block said. “I was determined to use paper-wrapped jackets like the kind used by Blue Note and Impulse back in the late 1950s and 1960s.

“So while most companies have shied away from the paper-wrapped jacket because of higher cost, we dove head first into it and have established a very nice relationship with Stoughton Printing Company that does the best old-style tip-on paper wrapped LP sleeves.”

While much of this article has focused on technical matters, the payoff for the attention to detail is ultimately emotional, as I was reminded after dropping a needle on the opening track of Judee Sill’s Songs of Rapture & Redemption: Rarities & Live and getting goosebumps. The sound was so vibrant and the sense of immediacy so undeniable that I imagined myself sitting in Boston Music Hall on October 3, 1971, the night the music was recorded. Heartfelt and passionate, sweet and soulful, Sill’s performance that evening deserved to be preserved according to the highest standards, and fortunately it was. Whether returning to an album they explored decades ago or hearing something for the first time, other listeners will have plenty of their own “wow” moments while exploring ROG’s discography.

Pressing Concerns: The new breed of vinyl pressing plant

Long Live Vinyl magazine spoke to Ton amongst others about new vinyl pressing plants popping up everywhere and about the challenges you run into, even for pressing plants which have been in the business for quite some time. Link

Here are some great pictures from the article below:


RSD 2018 and Holiday announcement

If you’re planning releases for Record Store Day (taking place on April 21st), please place your orders in time. We are aiming to supply the distributors first week of April instead of one week prior to Record Store Day. Make sure we have audio and testing order with us in week 49 (4 – 10  December 2017) and artwork & finished order in week 2 (8 – 14 January 2018). Please note that production times of all other orders and re-orders you plan to release around that period, may also be influenced by this.

Record Industry will be closed from Friday afternoon December 22nd until Monday January 1st and re-open TuesdayJanuary 2nd 2018. This year our last shipment date for goods out will be Wednesday December 20st. Our goods in department and office department will be opened Friday December 22nd until 12 am.

Johnny Reckless latest show

I would always recommend Johnny as a DJ, always a great help when digging at Reckless Records on Islington High Street. Have a listen to his latest show on Colourful Radio and catch him working at Soul Brother Records in London. Still doing what he does for vinyl, playing some of the best Soul, Disco, Boogie and House.

Passion For Vinyl Part II coming Soon


One of our side projects is Passion For Vinyl, a book we published in 2013 to celebrate our 15th anniversay. There’s a new book coming up….Passion For Vinyl Part II is at the printers as we speak. The book will be available from April 14th at your local recordstore, bookstore but also through online channels.
Passion for Vinyl Part 2.png

Thanks Gracias Obrigado Vinyl Lovers

Thanks Gracias Obrigado Vinyl Lovers

I would like to thank all the clients in Spain and Portugal for making this a great vinyl year. Releases have reached customers on time for release dates with the planning department. We have had customers from all genres with very unique productions. We will continue to keep lead times as relalistic as possible and most importantly give you dates that we plan to keep if all goes well. I am very happy that everybody is planning release dates with close supervision with the planning department to meet expectations.

Great music has been released and look forward to working with you all in 2018.

Me gustaría agradecer a todos los clientes de España y Portugal por hacer un gran año con los discos llegados en las fechas pactadas.Tenemos clientes de todos los géneros con producciones muy únicas.Continuaremos manteniendo los tiempos de fabricación lo más realista posible y lo mas importe, respetando las fechas de salida si todo va bien.Estoy muy contento de que todo el mundo este planeando las fechas de salida con supervisión de nuestro departamento de planificación.

Felicidades a todos por la música y nos vemos en el 2018.

Record Store Day 2018

Record Store Day 2018


If you’re planning releases for Record Store Day (taking place on April 21st), please place your orders in time. We are aiming to supply the distributors first week of April instead of one week prior to Record Store Day. Make sure we have audio and testing order with us in week 49 (4 – 10 December 2017) and artwork & finished order in week 2 (8 – 14 January 2018). Please note that production times of all other orders and re-orders you plan to release around that period may also be influenced by this.
Record Industry will be closed from Friday afternoon December 22nd until Monday, January 1st and re-open Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018. This year our last shipment date for goods out will be Wednesday, December 20th. Our goods in department and office department will be opened Friday, December 22nd until 12 am.
Hope to have informed you sufficiently, please let me know if you have any questions.


Si tienes pensado algún lanzamiento para Record Store Day, que tendrá lugar el 21 de abril de 2018, por favor, haz tú pedido con tiempo. 

Es nuestra intención hacer las entregas a nuestros distribuidores la primera semana de abril en vez de una semana antes de Record Store day. El audio y la orden para los test deberá de estar en nuestro poder durante la semana 49 (del 4 al 10 de diciembre de 2017) y el diseño y el pedido final en la semana 2 (del 8 al 14 de enero de 2018)
Por favor, ten también en cuenta que los tiempos para los pedidos y reposiciones que hayas planteado durante ese periodo, pueden verse afectadas por esto.
Record Industry permanecerá cerrado del viernes 22 de diciembre de 2017 por la tarde, al lunes 1 de enero de 2017. Volverá a abrir el martes 2 de enero de 2018. Este año, nuestro último día para poder enviar los productos será el miércoles 20 de diciembre de 2017.
Espero que está información sea de utilidad. Para cualquier otra consulta, házmelo saber.

48th Mega Record & CD Fair Jaarbeurs Utrecht November 11th & 12th 2017

Mega Record & CD Fair Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Vinyl fair for vinyl lovers

On November 11 & 12, 2017 the Jaarbeurs Convention centre in Utrecht will host the 48th edition of the Mega Record & CD Fair. An event that in the past 25 years has enjoyed international acclaim and made its name as the place to be for music fans, crate diggers, deejays and vinyl lovers. Packed with exhibitions, live performances, book signings and over 500 dealers from all over the world the fair offers the greatest choice of vinyl, cd’s and pop memorabilia. Don’t be surprised if you bump into artists searching for their own original productions.

The Mega Record & CD Fair, a massive bi-annual music fair at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands. An unmissable cult event for music fans the world over, packed with exhibitions, collections, signings and live shows. RecordPlanet Utrecht takes as always place during Europe’s largest vintage event: the VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs (the International Collectors Fair).

find out more:



Feria de vinilo y Cd en Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Feria para amantes de musica

El 11 y 12 de noviembre de 2017, el centro de convenciones Jaarbeurs en Utrecht será la sede de la 48 edición de la Mega Record & CD Fair. Un evento que en los últimos 25 años ha gozado de reconocimiento internacional y se ha hecho famoso por ser el lugar ideal para fanáticos de la música, deejays y amantes del vinilo. Repleto de exposiciones, actuaciones en vivo, firmas de libros y más de 500 concesionarios de todo el mundo, la feria ofrece la mejor selección de recuerdos de vinilo y cd´s.

La Mega Record & CD Fair, una gran feria musical semestral en Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Países Bajos. Un evento de culto ineludible para los fanáticos de la música de todo el mundo, lleno de exposiciones, colecciones, firmas y shows en vivo. RecordPlanet Utrecht toma como siempre lugar durante el evento vintage más grande de Europa: VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs (la Feria Internacional de Coleccionistas).


7 Inch Pantone Sleeves




Source: JUANMA EL 21. ENERO 2017 LINK

Tras componer, grabar y mezclar, el mastering es el último paso de la realización de un disco o una canción. Muchos no saben exactamente de que se trata, por eso vamos a ver a continuación los diferentes objetivos de este proceso determinante para la calidad final de vuestra producción musical.  

El principio

Una grabación debe de ser de la mejor calidad posible, para poder sonar bien tanto en tu iPhone como en tu minicadena o en una discoteca. El objetivo principal del mastering es la busqueda de un sonido óptimo a partir de la mezcla final, con tal de homogeneizar las diferentes pistas de un disco en cuanto a color y volumen.

Las herramientas 

Lo ideal es que el mastering lo realice un especialista con experiencia, dotado de unos oídos “frescos”, es decir, un técnico de sonido especializado, que no se haya pasado horas mezclando la canción o el disco. El archivo de audio estéreo creado a partir de la mezcla será procesado con varias herramientas como EQ, compresores, limitadores o expansores. Por ejemplo los desequilibrios del espectro de audio se “limpia” ciertas señales muy presentes y amplia otras con un ecualizador paramétrico.  La compresión y limitador se utilizan para ganar consistencia y mejorar la escucha del oyente que no tendrá que ajustar constantemente el volumen, en resumen homogeneizar las diferentes señales de una canción. La compresión y el limitador también se utilizan para inflar el volumen, el famoso “Loudness War”. Cuidado con no fusilar la dinámica de la canción queriendo sonar como en las grandes producciones. Una pequeña dosis de reverb puede servirnos para dar cohesión y homogeneidad a la mezcla.

Manley Massive Passive Mastering

Los estudios profesionales suelen disponer de más de una herramienta destinada al mastering y tratamiento acústico. Se suelen equipar de herramientas analógicas de alta gama especialmente para el mastering, como el ecualizador Manley Massive Passive o el compresor SPL Iron. Un compresor multi-banda como el Tube-Tech SMC B2 permite ajustes precisos gracias a sus diferentes bandas de frecuencias.

SPL Iron red

Todo un arte 

Hay a quien le puede parecer fácil a simple vista pero en realidad es todo un arte: los fades, el orden de las canciones del disco o los tiempos de silencio entre canciones se deciden con mucha seriedad. Las estándares de audio y la conversión de diferentes soportes necesitan configuraciones precisas y herramientas de calidad. No se trata solo cuando hay que llevar a fábrica un vinilo, sino también velocidad de muestreo, tramado y noise-shaping.  Un técnico de sonido especializado en mastering se equipa con herramientas como el Dangerous Music Liaison y los  conversores digitlescontrolador de estudio de alta calidad como el Crane Song SolarisCrane Song Solaris

¿Accesible a todo el mundo?

No tienes porque depender estrictamente de los servicios de un profesional del mastering para conseguir que desde tu home-studio tus canciones suenen bien.  La primera cosa a tener en cuenta es la acústica de tu canción que debes tener bajo control. Los monitores deben sonar lo más neutral posible, y estar adaptados a tu habitación.
No siempre es necesario poseer un equipo muy caro para darle un toque final a tus temas, hay muchos softwares que cumplirán con esta función, y que son utilizados incluso en estudios profesionales como plugs-ins UAD. Encontramos otros sets de plug-ins enfocados al masteringde muy buena calidad como el iZotope Ozone o incluso el IK Multimedia y el Slate Digital.


El mastering es un arte por si mismo, y es un paso crucial para que vuestras producciones musicales suenen bien. Conseguir un buen resultado no solo es cuestión de herramientas y tocar un par de botones. Paciencia, escuchar y comprender la música son algunas de los requisitos para un técnico de sonido especializado en mastering, y eso no viene en ningún programa ni plugin.  😉



El arte de hacer vinilos…y disfrutarlos

El arte de hacer vinilos…y disfrutarlos
Por: Diego A. Manrique | 30 de abril de 2014

Nice article link


Record Store Day, until next year

Hope you all had a good Record Store Day. Look forward to next year just remember to get orders in as early as possible.

House, House and more House


Various Reverse Print


Matt laminate Double Pack

Double Download code

Deep Deep House

Deep House

1 Pantone on 350 Hansa Grey Side


Passion for Vinyl new book for all those who dig the groove

Record Industry has been busy with the book that gives an insight of all of us who have the passion.


Brazilian superstar Ed Motta came to Holland to buy an apartment, but spent all his money on vinyl instead. When a young Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth discovered a scratch on his recently bought Bathory LP he demolished his bedroom. It’s Atlantic’s CEO Craig Kallman mission to own all relevant albums on vinyl. He has 750.000 already. That’s what vinyl does with music lovers.
In Passion For Vinyl a wide selection of DJ’s, musicians, label owners, designers, record dealers, collectors and engineers like Henry Rollins, Bernie Grundman, Hans Pokora, Chris Ellis, Steffi, Mala, Vaughan Oliver, Lee Dorrian, Jacco Gardner, John Dyer Baizley and many others share their unconditional love for vinyl. They muse about the first record that changed their lives, talk about their prized collectibles and explain why they were determined to keep vinyl alive. Passion for Vinyl also tells the history of Record Industry, the Dutch factory that has been pressing vinyl since the 1950’s.

This book is a tribute to vinyl, a format that is making a spectacular comeback recently, although for many music lovers it never really disappeared.

Passion For Vinyl is written by Dutch author, music journalist and incurable vinyl fanatic Robert Haagsma. With an introduction by American vinyl guru Michael Fremer.

Start to like this page:


Pajaro Sunrise

Nice pack from Lovemonk once again.


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