1950s Sleeves

Find below two styles of sleeves used in the 1950s and using the original way of hand made sleeves to give your records that original touch. One uses the Motown style with the folded flaps on the outside and a UV varnish on the front panel the Sun Records Sleeves uses the same two panel technique with heavy board with flaps folded and assembled by hand.

The Cubical: Special 2 Flaps Door Cover

Once again Grabaciones de Impacto come up with not only fantastic packaging but also a great band to look out for, get your copy here now: www.grabacionesdeimpacto.com

The Allnight Workers, Hand Made Sleeve

Another fantastic job form this label, this is a Hand made sleeve with Gloss laminate on the from side and reverse printing on the back.

2 Piece Glued By Hand

2 Piece Glued By Hand:

Mounted Sleeve

Mounted Sleeve:

Special Cut Corners Inner and Outer

Special Cut Corners Inner and Outer:

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