Record Store Day

Dear Customer,

First orders for Record Store Day 2016 (Saturday April 16th) have already been placed with us. Reason for us to communicate about the deadlines to supply parts, given the current production times.

If you’re planning releases for Record Store Day, please place your orders in time. We are aiming to supply the distributors end of March instead of one week prior to Record Store Day. Make sure we have audio and testing order with us in week 50 (7 – 11 December 2015) and artwork & finished order in week 2 (11 – 15 January 2016). Please note that production times of all other orders and re-orders you plan to release around that period, will also be influenced by this.

Record Industry will be closed from Thursday afternoon December 24th until Friday January 1st and re-open Monday January 4th 2016. This year our last shipment date for goods out will beTuesday  December 22nd. Our goods in department and office department will be opened Thursday  December 24th until 12 am.