You may have come across this interesting article about The Electric Recording Co. in the New York Times this week. We portrayed Pete for Passion For Vinyl Part II and visited the company back in 2017, one quote from Pete in PFV Part II which says it all… “People recognise that what we do isContinue reading “THE VINYL? IT’S PRICEY. THE SOUND? OTHERWORTHLY.”

Cómo Limpiar Vinilos Fácilmente

Cómo Limpiar Vinilos Fácilmente loquearde posted 11 months ago. Pese a que el vinilo es uno de los formatos más venerados por la humanidad, nuestro amado vinilo tiene propensión a atraer el polvo y la suciedad. Expuesto a sesiones a altas horas de la madrugada, largos fines de semana siendo nuestro más fiel compañero yContinue reading “Cómo Limpiar Vinilos Fácilmente”

Vinyl fans launch #FillTheGap campaign on what would have been Record Store Day 2020

The biggest day in the vinyl calendar was postponed last month. Patrick Clarke NME 2020 Today (April 18) was supposed to mark Record Store Day in the UK, which was postponed last month due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The event is currently slated to take place on June 20, but that date remains uncertainContinue reading “Vinyl fans launch #FillTheGap campaign on what would have been Record Store Day 2020”


FIRE BURNS DOWN APOLLO MASTERS PLANT “Devastating” Manufacturing Plant Fire Threatens Worldwide Vinyl Record Supply Vinyl Record Production in Peril After Fire at California Plant Vinyl Record Industry Fears ‘Vinylgeddon’ After Fire Burns Down Apollo Masters Plant These are just a few of the headlines of articles covering the disastrous fire which happened at ApolloContinue reading “FIRE BURNS DOWN APOLLO MASTERS PLANT”

Discos de vinilo más vendidos en 2019

Beatles – Abbey Road – 246,000 copias Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? 176,000 copias Queen – Greatest Hits – 1 139,000 copias Banda Sonora de Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 – 123,000 copias Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack) – 108,000 copias Beach BoysContinue reading “Discos de vinilo más vendidos en 2019”

Rough Trade: We’re selling more records than ever

Rough Trade: We’re selling more records than ever. By Robert PlummerBusiness reporter, BBC News At the Rough Trade East record shop in London’s Brick Lane, a man dressed as a giant hot dog is on stage introducing a song. “Put your hands up if you’re afraid of spiders,” says frontman Murray Matravers of fast-rising bandContinue reading “Rough Trade: We’re selling more records than ever”

Por primera vez desde 1986, los vinilos vendieron más que los CDs en 2019

Por primera vez desde 1986, los vinilos vendieron más que los CDs en 2019 NOTICIA Juan Antonio Pascual 22/01/2020 –   La llegada de los formatos de audio digitales hace ya unas décadas, las descargas de MP3 y el streaming, auguraba la extinción de los formatos físicos de audio. Como ocurre con el DVD y elContinue reading “Por primera vez desde 1986, los vinilos vendieron más que los CDs en 2019”

Clone x Artone studio: Legowelt & Nadia Struiwigh

Clone Records and Record Industry join forces to create this unique direct-to-disc event. For this one off special we’ve asked Legowelt and Nadia Struiwigh to perform live at the Artone Studio located in the Record Industry pressing plant in Haarlem. Both will bring their hardware setups for the performance and it will be cut straightContinue reading “Clone x Artone studio: Legowelt & Nadia Struiwigh”